Fami360 Refund Policy

We don't think you'll ever need a refund with Fami360. Our solution is advanced and effective. It's also compatible with all the latest Android and iOS versions. Still, sometimes, despite our very best efforts, technical difficulties do crop up, usually because of circumstances outside our control. In cases where we can't help you, you are entitled to a full refund.

Terms and Conditions

You are eligible for a full refund if you have technical difficulties with our app. This must be a technical issue you have raised with us and we were unable to help you with. In such cases, we will refund your purchase amount to you.

You can apply for a refund within 3 days of purchasing the product. Please be aware that we can't process refunds if you apply for one after 3 days have passed.

Refund Terms

Are you eligible for our refund?

  • • We can only refund one purchase with Fami360. Other purchases made from us aren't eligible for a refund.
  • • If you don't reinstall or update your Fami360 app when the need arises, we can't give you a refund.
  • • We can't offer a refund after 3 days have passed since you purchased our software.

Further, note that we can't process your refund for circumstances that are not in our control. Please read through the following to find out when you CANNOT claim a refund:

  • • We CANNOT refund you if you bought Fami360 for a non-compatible device, as covered by our Compatibility Policy. Fami360 is made only for Android and iOS. Fami360 is NOT COMPATIBLE with the following: Windows, Mac, Blackberry 10, Symbian OS, Bada, and Windows Mobile.
  • • We CANNOT refund you if your device is faulty. Faults may include an internet connectivity issue, a factory reset, OS system upgrade issues, and screen problems.
  • • We CANNOT refund you if you purchase our device to surveil someone's device, but they aren't granting you permission to do so. Fami360 is a parental control app made for parents.
  • • We CANNOT provide a refund if you lost the phone or forgot the password or don't have access to the phone anymore.
  • • We CANNOT provide a refund if a network or WiFi change makes it impossible for the device to transmit data.
  • • We CANNOT provide a refund if you use our app on multiple devices without a license. You can only legally use the app on one device per license.
  • • We CANNOT initiate a refund in case you change your mind about using the app.
  • • We CANNOT initiate a refund if your child manages to disable the app somehow – or an anti-virus interferes with the app in some way.

In Case of Chargebacks

You agree that we may suspend access to one or all your Fami360 accounts, at our discretion, in case of chargeback requests made by a credit card company or any other third-party payment processor. You will receive account access only after the unpaid orders are processed in full.

Additionally, charges incurred by our credit card payment processor will reflect on your credit card statement. Fees and other charges directly resulting from the chargeback may also need to be borne by you.