Presale FAQs

Here, we cover FAQs our customers have before you make a purchase.

1. How do I get started with Fami360?

Setting up Fami360 is super-easy. You can set it up via any smartphone or PC that's connected to the internet.

First, you need to get a Fami360 account. Sign up at our website and use your email ID as the username. Next, purchase a Fami360 subscription – one month, three months, or one year. Finally, set up Fami360. How? We email the exact, easy-to-follow install instructions to you.

2. Will I need to root or jailbreak my kid's phone?

No, you don't! Fami360 is a cutting-edge parental control solution that works perfectly with stock Android or iOS devices. We made it so that parents don't have to fiddle around with rooting and jailbreak.

Rooting and jailbreak are complex processes. They can go wrong. You can brick the device or lose your data. Also, the devices become vulnerable to malware and adware afterward. Like you, we don't want your kids to be in danger.

3. Can I set up Fami360 remotely on my child's phone?

You can set up Fami360 remotely if your child has an iOS device. In this case, you need the child's iCloud credentials. Fami360 for iOS is a standalone, web-based app. Instead of working with the iPhone, it extracts the iCloud backup directly. You don't need to download or install an app!

If your child has an Android device, you will have to set up Fami360 on their device physically. This is a one-time installation requirement and only takes 5 minutes. After you have installed Fami360 on their phone, you will thereafter be able to use it remotely. You also have the choice of uninstalling it remotely with a single click.

4. How long does it take to install Fami360?

Not very long at all! You can set up Fami360 in the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee in the morning. It's a simple five-step process: 1) Get a Fami360 account 2) Purchase a plan 3) Install Fami360 4) Wait until Fami360's server syncs with the child's phone 5) Log in and check on your kids remotely!

5. My child's device doesn't always have a net connection. Can I still use Fami360?

Fami360 won't be able to send you periodic updates, in this case. It will still work, however. You will just have to wait until the next time your child's device comes online.

6. Is it safe for me to use Fami360?

It is extremely safe. Fami360 is a world-famous brand. Our software is used by parents all over the globe. Our users have found the app to be virus-free. Also, we have a strict privacy protection policy in place, so your personal data remains safe.

7. How many devices can I use Fami360 on?

You can supervise as many devices as you want with Fami360. Note, though, that every Fami360 license is valid for one device. If you want to watch multiple devices, you will have to buy a new subscription for each one.

8. Can I change the device I'm monitoring for free?

Yes, you can change the device you are monitoring for free. It might be more convenient if you purchase a new subscription instead for the new device, though.

9. Can I supervise my child from my smartphone?

Yup, you can! We know moms and dads are busy people and can't be stuck to a computer screen all day. Fami360 can be accessed conveniently from your smartphone from anywhere.

10. How do I pay for Fami360?

You can pay for Fami360 by one of the usual payment options. We support VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, CHECK, JCB, and American Express at the moment. We offer a mix of national and international options.

Note: Additional payment options might be available for your country like vendor-to-vendor or fax orders. Further, some payment options mentioned above may not be available in your country. Check with us for details.

11. Is Fami360 legal?

Yup, Fami360 is completely legal. In the U.S., parents are allowed to supervise their kids' phone use until they turn 18. This is also the case in most countries worldwide. Please check with your local laws just in case.

Note: Fami360 is a legitimate parental control app. Do not use it to watch an adult – that's illegal!

Do you have any additional questions? Please email us and we'd be happy to assist you.