Aftersales FAQs

Here, we cover FAQ our customers have when setting up the Fami360 product or using it.

1. What do I need to set up Fami360?

To install Fami360, you will need the following:

  • • A computer or smartphone with a working net connection.
  • • A Fami360 account and a purchased Fami360 license.
  • • For iOS target devices, the iCloud details of the child's account.
  • • For Android target devices, access to the device for installing an app.
2. Can I set up Fami360 remotely?

You can set up Fami360 remotely for iOS devices. The iOS version is a web-based app. There are no software downloads involved.

For Android devices, however, you can't set up Fami360 remotely. Once you install it, though, you can access the app remotely from any web browser.

3. How do I monitor my kids after setting up Fami360?

You log into your Fami360 account from any smartphone or PC browser. This will bring you to the Fami360 dashboard. You can see an overview of the device activity from here. You'll find Fami360's various features in the selection panel on the left.

4. Does Fami360 save the data on my kid's device?

We back up the data Fami360 transmits to your private account on our servers. We don't have access to the data in any way. Only you have access to it.

5. Can I check which games my child is playing?

At the moment, Fami360 can't track app usage when it comes to games. But you can see which games your kid has installed. You can track their activity on other apps, though, like Facebook and WhatsApp.

6. What if my child deletes a message they don't want me seeing?

Fami360 backs up messages on your child's device to your private account periodically. Even if they delete the message from their device, you can still see it on your account. This works for both text messages and social media messages.

7. I want to keep tabs on extra devices. What do I do?

You will have to purchase a second license. Then install Fami360 on the second device to monitor it. You'll have to repeat this step for all the devices you are planning to monitor.

8. Will I be able to follow my kid's movements outside?

Fami360 offers location tagging support, so yes. You will be able to follow your kid's movements on a virtual map. You can see addresses, including street names. You also get geographical coordinates for pinpoint location tagging.

9. The logs aren't being updated for my child's iOS device (iPhone or iPad). What should I do?

There could be multiple reasons why this is happening. Here are some solutions:

  • • See if the iCloud backup has been enabled on the target device.
  • • Set all iCloud backup options to green.
  • • Make sure your child's device is connected to the WiFi.
  • • Ensure your child's device is turned on and has sufficient battery.
  • • If the device is locked, try unlocking it.

Fami360 can't fetch data is the above conditions aren't met – or if the child's device is malfunctioning in some way. Contact our support team for extra assistance.

10. The logs aren't being updated for my child's Android device (smartphone or tablet). What should I do?

Is your child's phone failing to send you any data? Here are some possible reasons why:

  • Make sure you installed the Fami360 app successfully.
  • Your child's device must be turned on. It also must have enough battery.
  • Ensure your child's Android device can connect to the internet.
  • Unlock the device. Also, give Fami360 administrative privileges.
11. I need some technical support, Fami360 isn't working for me. What do I do?

Please reach out to our customer care team. We'll be happy to assist you with your individual query.

Has your question been answered? If the answer is no, please direct your query to our customer care team directly. We'll get back to you with an answer within 24 hours, tops. Thank you for your patience!