Who We Are

We are parents with kids we treasure, just like you. We just happen to have several decades of cybersecurity and app development experience among us collectively. We built Fami360 to keep children safe – ours and yours.

We understand how important your children are, being parents ourselves. Our app is full of the features you need to supervise, manage, and protect your kids. It's by no means a miracle solution, but it can definitely ease your burden.

We Are Recognized Globally

Fami360 is a recognized name globally. Our product is used by parents worldwide, across 5 continents and in both developed countries and developing ones. We provide a way for parents on a budget to monitor their children via their iOS and Android smartphone.

You Come First

We put our customers first at Fami360. We are always happy to assist you in any way or to answer your queries. Your suggestions are also welcome. We'll do our best to incorporate any requested features in future updates.

You don't have to commit to a long-term subscription unless you want to.

We're a Trusted Brand

Fami360 is owned by by Wang ZongYao ([email protected]) and has been used by customers from all corners of the globe.

We Want What You Want

We have a family to protect and understand that you do too. Our software is geared toward helping make that happen.

Easy and Hassle-Free

Our parental control app was made to be easy to use. You need zero technical knowledge to either set it up or use it. We offer a likewise stress-free service experience.