What is Fami360?

Fami360 is a parental control app. It allows you to supervise your child's smartphone or tablet. Essentially, you can manage what your kids see and do.

The online world is rife with threats. Children are especially vulnerable. There's inappropriate content like pornography and violent games. And there's cybercrime like cyberbullying, stalking, scams, and sexual harassment.

With Fami360, you can filter out the bad and keep the good.

Fami360 Covers All the Bases

Child Safety

Manage your child's internet use and screen time. Restrict access to inappropriate websites and apps.

Social Media Protection

View your child's social media activity on apps like Facebook and WhatsApp

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Location Tracking

Keep an eye on your kids when they're out and about. See their movements on a virtual map.

Concerned Parents Worldwide Trust Fami360

My boy is full of energy and very hard to keep track of. Fortunately, Fami360 helps me to know where he is through his smartphone.

Jessica, USA

My daughter was having some trouble at school. She wouldn't confide in me. I used Fami360 to find out what was wrong. Turns out she was being bullied.

Steven, UK

I have two little children. They love to watch videos online. With Fami360, I know exactly what videos they watched and if they were appropriate.

Sara, Argentina

I feel better knowing that I can keep an eye on my kids when I'm at work. I have a good nanny, but I wanted a way to check on my kids personally. Fami360 was a good find.

Cam, Australia

Fami360: Our Pledge

You can rely on us.

Your Privacy is Guaranteed

We take your privacy seriously. Your data remains yours and only you have access to it. We don't have direct access to it, nor do we share it with anyone.

30-Day Money-Back

We are confident you'll love Fami360. That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try out our product stress-free and get a full refund if you have a problem.

Reliable Support

Our support team is always happy to assist. We are here to answer your queries about our product or for quick troubleshooting assistance.

Free Regular Updates

We offer free, regular updates. Our goal is to keep Fami360 compatible with all smartphones and tablets, running new or old versions of Android and iOS.

New Release

Fami360 Version 2.0.1!

  • Tweaked the user-interface.
  • Added visual phone activities graph.
  • Added extra payment options.
  • Ironed out some bugs.
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